JWS Publisher is an Apple iOS and Google Android App for Jehovah’s Witness publishers and CLM students. It can also be installed on Amazon Fire Tablets.

Using the JWS Publisher App, congregation publishers can:


JWS Publisher

To use the JWS Publisher App your congregation must be using JW Scheduler (Desktop Edition). If your congregation is not using JW Scheduler (Desktop Edition), you will not be able to use this App. If you are an elder and wish to try JW Scheduler (Desktop Edition), please visit www.JWScheduler.com to download.


Christian Life & Ministry Meeting Assignments

View any upcoming CLM assignments, including:

  • Treasures from God’s Word
  • Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry
  • Living as Christians
  • Chairman
  • Prayers and Reading assignments

Public Talk Assignments

View any upcoming Public Talk assignments, including:

  • Local Public Talks
  • Away Public Talks

Weekend Meeting Assignments

View any upcoming Weekend Meeting assignments, including:

  • Weekend Chairman
  • Watchtower Reader

Meeting Schedules

View the next 3 weeks of Meeting Schedules, including:

  • Christian Life and Ministry Meeting
  • Weekend Meeting

Field Service Schedules

  • View the next 2 weeks of Field Service schedules

Submit Field Service Reports

  • Submit your monthly Field Service Report directly to your congregation from the JWS Publisher App


View all upcoming Duties, including:

  • Attendant
  • Security
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Platform
  • Microphones
  • Kingdom Hall Cleaning
  • Lawn and Garden Care
  • Public Speaker Hospitality
  • Zoom Host

Congregation Events

View all upcoming Congregation Events, including:

  • Circuit Overseer visit
  • Circuit Assemblies
  • District Conventions
  • Special Talks
  • Memorial
  • Kingdom Hall Maintenance Days
  • Regular Pioneer Meetings
  • Elders Meetings
  • Any other congregation related Event

Congregation Announcements

  • Read any recent Congregation Announcements, including downloading attachments.



JWS Publisher App will send you a notification whenever you receive a new CLM Assignment, Weekend meeting or Public Talk Assignment, Duty. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Settings.


JWS Publisher App allows you to set reminders before your upcoming parts and duties. You can set an Initial Reminder several days or weeks in advance, and a Final Reminder several hours before the assignment or duty. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Settings.

Track your Field Service Reports

JWS Publisher App allows publishers to see the last years worth of previously submitted Field Service Reports, including the Totals and Averages. Simply tap the Me page.


JWS Publisher App allows elders to set a Delegate for any congregation Publisher. This means the delegate can see upcoming Assignments or Duties, as well as submit Field Service Reports on-behalf of the publisher.

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